Do you think the business cards outdated? Don’t. Business cards are essential tools for all business sizes. They are a graphical representation of who you are and what your business represents. It would be a high cost on your side to underestimate the power of a great business card, as they serve as the perfect reminder of your business to your customer. The amount of information you have on them should range from phone numbers to social media profiles, so whenever they pull out the card, your customers recall who you are.

These are four must-have elements you need to incorporate into your next box of cards


The goal is to offer congruency in all aspect of marketing you have chosen s your business card should not be left out. Let your business card to reflect the whole idea your brand is all about. Same goes for your brand colors, logo and other elements that are associated with your brand.


Your business card should depict relevancy. It has to be a professional representation of your brand itself.


Graphics and logos should not make your business card crowded. Remember that you are dealing with a small space, so all designs had to be moderate and straightforward. It is quite easy to get carried away with business card design but always remembers that the simpler it appears, the easier it is to stick in the mind of your customers.

Ensure your font is in correlation with your brands other marketing material, and it should also be an easily legible font. You should include only information that is crucial to your business. One or two ink colors are enough.


In as much as you want your business card to show all that your company is about, you also want it to be different from the rest. Something that will make your business card stands out from other business cards in the possession of your customer. You can achieve this by including a unique element so that people will never forget you. This could mean using a single color and font, or from the material, your card is designed. Rather than thinking, are business cards outdated, remember that business cards are a way to distinguish your brand from competitors

  1. PAPER

Long before the internet changed the method of job application, the kind of paper you print your resume on determines how much you really want that job. Same goes for business cards as well. You can either go for a matte paper or a budget-friendly printing paper. An example is a 100 lb. Gloss. This is a great option too. For a more professional look, a matte finish, a 14/16 point cardstock is ideal if you want that crispness customers have come to associate with a high-quality business card.

A great business card is just one piece of a good marketing plan. Another part has the right team on your side. Partnering with an experienced marketing professional is just as important as the cards you print or the website you create. We offer real solutions for our client’s ever-changing marketing needs.