Your unique business name is supposedly among the first decisions you should make when you want to start up a business. If you are already a business owner, but you didn’t pay much attention when naming your business, this will help you make a better decision as per renaming your business. It is essential to come up with a unique business name for both your company and your brand. Your business name is your identity; it should be able to speak for you, anywhere, any time. There are various websites available to advise you on how to go about choosing an unique business name. A lot of thought and consideration is necessary to put into the choice of name for your business as you would have, for your business. Another idea to consider is the possibility of your business name in another language. Although you’re starting small, it is advisable to have a global vision. So when your business goes worldwide, would you then begin considering renaming? With this in mind, choose a name with a definite meaning when translated into another language.


  1. Ensure to get a descriptive name for your business. Results have shown that companies with names that describe their product or services have a higher sales yield than others.
  2. Keep it simple. You may wonder why as the initial thought will be to come up with something extraordinarily creative. No, don’t get too creative when it comes to a unique business name; get ready to channel all that creativity when it comes to logo design, website creation or customer service. Give your customers a simple name that can easily be remembered.
  3. Select an intelligible name. Choose a name that is easy to recall and above all easy to pronounce. In summary, choose a name that makes your business look smart and intelligible.
  4. Ponder the name awhile. Do not be in a hurry to accept the name, take your time to meditate on it. Say it out to yourself and see if it sounds good to hear.
  5. Consult with experts. When you have finally decided on a name, consult a business naming experts. There are lots of naming firms with years of experience in the business naming industry that will be able to guide you on trademark laws and different types of good or bad names. Product or service that will help establish your market identity.


  1. Avoid using your name; the main reason is that should in case your idea falters; you wouldn’t want your name to be associated with failure. So whether it is your first or last name, restrain from using it.
  2. Select a name with classic tones, don’t opt out for a name in line with something trendy at the moment because in time it will fade and your business will seem off the current trend.
  3. Keep your identity in mind. For example, just because you want to open a bakery do not mean you have to add the word “bread” to it. Instead, you should choose a word associated with freshly-baked bread.

Does Your Name Represent Who You Are

Make sure your unique business name depicts the idea behind your business creation in the first place. It should not only be able to showcase your business, but also to have an impact on whoever comes across it. Ensure you conduct necessary research before you get started.

In conclusion, there is no harm in asking for suggestions from family and friends too. You never know whose idea you might want to dwell on. Try out every possible means you can think of and give it a thorough thought. In the end, it will all be worth it.