While everyone is going online to market their website, try the good old print marketing method to sell yours. For startups, print marketing materials are as powerful as you can ever imagine. With this method, you have what it takes to stay on top of your game with your customers. The following tips you are about to read will help you drive enough traffic to your website when you use print products.


One of the most annoying things you encounter with emails is the high increase of spam emails. Since every business is trying to go online for marketing purposes why not try using the traditional tactic of direct mail. Direct mail enables you to reach out to a more streamlined choice of customers, and it also makes them remember to buy from you. There is something that comes with the physical touch of the mail. This connection breeds trust rather than an online email you can quickly highlight and delete. To attract new customers, attach a special offer while for existing customers entice them with an insider offer. Always refer them to your website via this direct email method.


One of the best ways to see and to be seen in your kind of business industry is to attend trade shows or events related to your kind of business in your community. Try to have a booth at this trade shows and print out banners that include your website on it. On the banner, make sure the color and font used in designing the website portion are highly noticeable and attractive. You can also print flyers and posters to share with anyone who shows interest in your booth. To guaranteed heavy traffic to your site, try to include contests, first-time incentives and special discounts on these flyers.


Customers love to know just how much you appreciate the fact that they stopped by your business or decided to patronize you. A simple thank you can go a long way. It makes them feel appreciated and would love to buy from you again. You can do this by introducing special coupons or in the way you package your item. Let them know you appreciate them and watch how much you will be able to convert.

Print marketing is a sure bet for driving massive traffic to your event. Although the world is in the digital age, it remains highly relevant as it has proven to be more than successful in event promotion, especially for startups. A good strategy which includes well-designed flyers and banners that has appealing visual messages has a high conversion probability. Not only is it cost-effective, but print marketing materials for your event also helps you stay on top of your customers. Here are some more that will help you promote your business offline.


It is ideal to market your events online as a startup, but print marketing materials are highly essential to implode when it comes to the day of the event. Remind your attendees of why they are thereby using big banners. If it is an outdoor event try using lawn signage to show your guests where to go to. Use every opportunity you get to place signage in strategic corners your guests will easily notice.


The most appealing thought of startups is that local business love to support other local business. With this in mind, print flyers and posters to drop in neighboring stores or your favorite coffee shop. Let them know you are planning an event and would like to lose a handful of flyers so customers can pick them when they stop by. People are sometimes in a hurry to stop and listen to your event invitation, but with print marketing, print marketing materials can carry the complete message of your event and will serve as a good read.


Design a message-driven business card. It doesn’t have to be expensive but details such as your company’s website, address and number will do.