How to get a business name? Here are 6 tips for you

Business name is the first thing that a customer knows about you. It’s a massive impact on the branding strategy to position in the mind of a customer. Naming a business should consider some sorts of things. It must be short, easy to sound, and memorable.

Think about Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Adidas, Nike, and so on. One single word, easy to sound and easy to keep in mind. Here are some factors you can take into account on how to get a business name.

How to get a business name? Be creative

Be creative: Take some time to brainstorm a name. How did Steve Jobs name his business? He was roaming around a fruit orchard. Apple came to his mind as interesting. It didn’t have any special meaning except for fruit. But now, what comes to my mind first is the iPhone, Mac

How to get a business name? Misspell

Misspell: You’ve found the word but seems like it’s already taken. Check out the website if it has. If you find it as an established brand, leave it. If not, misspell the original word but keep the sound as same as the original.

How to get a business name? Mashup

Mashup: Join tow or multiple words together. Like Face+book=Facebook. You+Tube=YouTube. Group+coupon=Groupon. It will work as an explainer of what your company offers/does

How to get a business name? Use your name

By your name: Take some initials of your name and form a sweet word. Addidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Gucci, are a good example of name by founders.

How to get a business name? Read books

Read books: Read industry-related books, articles, blog posts, and watch branding youtube channels. You will find Industry related buzzwords that are not taken yet. You don’t need to read especially just to find a name. Keep it in mind you are on the lookout. Meanwhile, you read, just play with the word that sounds sweet. This is what we do when we name other businesses. This is how we found our company name that is faarmout. It’s a mashup and misspelled name. Original words are a phrase. Farm out. The synonym of outsourcing business processes. The domain was taken but I liked the name. Registered it adding an extra ‘a’ keeping the sound the same.

How to get a business name? Dont waste too much time

Don’t waste too much time: Take a word that doesn’t have any special meaning like Apple. Establish it with the quality of your product or services and reputation. You will be the sole owner of that name like an apple. Apple is not a fruit now, it’s iPhone or Mac.

How do you certify that the chosen name is good to finalize? Just play around your kids with the word. Let your kid say the word. Ask him later, if he can sound and remember, it’s a good name. Not mandatory to do this. Just a small idea.

However, there are lots of websites on the internet that are working as a name generator. You can try these sites as well.

Best wishes for your business.

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