Facebook has turned out to be one of the best social media platforms to advertise your business. So many success stories have emanated from the use of Facebook ads, and with this, comes the struggle to design successful facebook ads because the competition for potential customers on Facebook rises on a daily bases. A quick survey will show you that there are lots of business ads on Facebook, but not to worry, we know it’s not an easy task, so we have compiled a list of tips that will help you design a fantastic Facebook ad that will convert


To achieve this, you need to come with several urgency phrases in the content or offer to instill a sense of urgency in the hearts of your customers. When you do this, you will notice a lot more conversations. Most customers wave off the idea of an ad thinking they’ll come back to buy it, but that’s not always the case. Make it look like it’s a limited supply or a few customized sets made. Here are some ideas of key phrases to use.

  • While supplies last
  • Before it’s too late
  • Only x hours/days left
  • One day just Last chance

There are some other additional features you can add to your ad to create a sense of urgency, say a countdown timer. You would notice that once you highlight the urgent nature of your offer; the effectiveness of your ad is increased. No one wants to miss out on limited editions of discounted products.


There is a significant problem that exists when it comes to using Facebook ads, once customers are continually exposed to your brand; it means the probability of them clicking increases. But that’s not always the case when they see it too frequently; the rate of the ad increases but becomes less inclined to convert.

When faced with this kind of problem, the solution becomes sequencing the appearance of your ads. This way, you can have multiple ads shown to the same audience at different points in time. The types of ads to display are those centered on a particular call to action and also state solid reasons why customers should click on your ad.

To make this more useful, Facebook had to survey the type of ads that convert the most. They found out that sequenced advertisements had an 87% likely to visit the landing page and a 56% subscription rate among those who visited compared to non-sequenced ads.

When you sequence your ads, you indirectly increase your brand awareness and your rapport with customers. The frequency of your ads will be on the lower side but will convert more.


Having the text incorporated into your Facebook ad goes down well when used in engagements or conversations. It makes it easier for users to grasp the content of the message rather than having to read a long line of product offers which they probably won’t notice.

It is advisable to make your headline five words long. Keep it brief and straight to the point. This makes it easier to pass your message across before they lose interest.

The text above your image is regarded as the ad post text, while the description is placed right underneath your image. The description is allowed to be longer but still needs to be brief. For the ad post, keep it at least 14 words long while the ideal length for description is around 18 words. With this, you are trying to grab the attention of your customers without drowning them in information.

Ever heard of the Facebook 20% rule? This rule implies that your text should not take more than 20% of your image. No matter the number of useful images you think you have, save them for your landing page.


Create an ad with specific niches in mind. You are allowed to have different niches and sub-niches within it. For instance, you run a sport facility; your ad could target customers that are interested in fitness but should carry other sporting activities underneath. Sports like yoga, tennis, and weight-lifting. When you do this, you can then proceed to create successful facebook ads for your specific niches.

Highlighting the individual sports you engage in will help draw a broader audience to you. It will help you find better features that connect you to your audience and generate more conversions. The more relevant to your audience the ad design is the better off they’ll perform.


Although you may think you have designed the perfect Facebook ad, try creating up to 4 variations of it and then finally make your selection based on the results, you get after split testing. Multiple ad designs enhance your decision to go for the very best.

Most people will think this is a waste of precious time, but it’s not. Let me paint the bigger picture for you; designing multiple ads will help you notice the ones that attract more clicks. With this knowledge, you can then be able to channel all your ads spend on the ones that genuinely matters. Rather than having to pay a lot on ads that don’t convert. Your ads become more, and users will begin to see different variations of your ad but with the same content. This has a higher tendency to increase conversions.

Also, when you run multiple ads, you will be able to decide on the ultimate ad design that works perfectly with your audience. Your cost of ad spend will reduce automatically because you will start designing ads that are more relevant to your particular audience.


We get it, you are the brains behind the business, but that doesn’t mean you can get everything done all by yourself. Consider hiring someone to design successful facebook ads for you. Be careful in the hiring process because not everyone will have the time to create an excellent image for your ad or Facebook banners. Make no rush in finding the right person as this is crucial to the success of your Facebook ad campaign. It will also save you a lot of time you would have spent in creating it yourself.

Final Thoughts

The goal of successful Facebook ads is to increase conversations and your relevance score. When you have increased talks on your page, it gains more views and converts rapidly. An increased relevance score means you will have to pay less for each Facebook ad.