As tight as this may sound, there is no manual or article you will read to ensure your business runs smooth and fast “all” the time. There are expected periods of small business slow times and reduced earnings. When this happens, most business owners get discouraged and lose the strong will to keep pushing on. To over this negative attitude, it is advisable to implement some strategies that will help you through these hard times. Look at a few below.


Immediately you notice some setbacks in your business, the first thing you should do instead of panicking or thinking of giving up is to sit down and go back to the drawing board. Ask yourself some questions. Here are some few examples of questions you should ask.

  • How thoroughly did I research the competitors?
  • Did I identify the target market?
  • Is my social media presence dynamic and engaging?
  • Are my products or services of high quality?

After carefully pondering over these questions, you will be able to detect the problem. Knowledge s power so with this, you have what it takes to address the situation. Most small business slow times might end up hiring new personnel.


This strategy is vital as most of your target market spend hours online. You must have realized that there is an increase in inactivity on your website. You can decide to become more regular in your blog postings, or maybe create a Q & A blog post to enable your current customers, and other potential customers ask specific brand related questions and you, in turn, will be available to provide the answers.


Brand promotion has always been a strategy that ensures more sales and influence whether online or offline. This strategy is simple and straightforward but requires your undivided attention to make it work 100%. It makes sure that people are continually learning more about your company and your brand. This is an excellent method to drive in new customers, especially when you are promoting your brand in the right places.  Examples of proper places include; social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As long as you implement various brand promotions strategies, you will generate an increase in sales. As this is progress, take note of those strategies that bring in a higher yield, For example, note the periods of the day when you have increased in sales as this will enable you to publish and promote your content online in the right direction.


There is no harm in seeking help, especially at small business slow times. As intimidating as this may seem, no man is an island. Various business owners have gone through this same tough road and have succeeded. Identify a few and seek their help. Be careful in your choice of selection; your guide should have extensive knowledge about your industry in particular, not just someone who has successfully overcome various business setbacks. The person should also have a substantial social network too, as this will help in boosting your brand promotion strategy. Most of these “Big Shots” love to help startups because they’ve been through what you are experiencing and know precisely how it feels; they know how valuable their assistance will mean to you.

If you want to make your company as successful as possible, have it at the back of your mind that there is no way you can’t have a slow period. Also, know that these strategies will help you scale through a slow season if you follow them accordingly.

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