Gone are the days where most product companies didn’t have to put much thought to the kind of packages they used for their products. Recent times has made product packaging one of the most important aspects of branding because of the widespread use of the internet and technology; brands had to step up their game when it comes to product packaging. So, what does make good packaging design?

The responsibilities of making a product have high sales because of its packaging saddles on the shoulders of Graphic designers. The amount of time and research graphics designers dedicate to product packaging is overwhelming because they know they have to put in so much creativity so the product package can work as a salesperson for the product. Graphic designers are always in search of tips to help design uniquely.

Here are some tips that will make packaging design effective to convert

  1. Make Packaging Designs Product Friendly

Each product in the market has a specific package that comes with it. When designing a product package, ensure it has a friendly relation with the product it is carrying. For example, it would be outrageous to package bleach in glass bottle right? Why because there is no stable relationship between the both of them. Same goes for whatever product you are designing a package for. This can boost up the products sales. This was the same approach Heinz sed for his ketchup design, and the result was massive. Thus, you need to come up with creative and product-friendly package design ideas for your product.

  1. Launch Some Special Editions

There would be times when you would have to deviate from your standard product package design to something that is trending at the moment. Companies call this “special edition,” they do this to promote impulse buying. Maybe its football season, you could produce the limited edition of your product designed with football patterns to attract customers.

  1. Keep It Simple and Hassle-Free

Most graphics designers get carried away when it comes to product labels; they stuff the label with different logos and colors all in a bid to show their creativity. Professional Graphic designers are aware of this so they always implement this rule – less is more! It is good to be creative but the package and its label should be kept clean and simple. This doesn’t mean you should omit some necessary information, bare them all out but don’t make packaging design too artistic.

  1. Be In Line With Market Trends

The world has moved to the internet, that’s where you should also be. You should stay updated with recent happenings in your business industry and try to add them to your design. Include movie or media hypes. This helps to make your product appear attractive and also increases sales.

  1. Include Some Humour

Everyone loves a good laugh, so try to include a bit of humor on your label. This helps to develop a friendly relationship with your customers; they begin to see you and your business as humans not just some machine trying to be annoying and dangerous all the time. Including humor will, in fact, attract customers to your product.

  1. Make Packaging Design Easy To Handle

Be sure to include some groves in your product package design if you are bent on not having a handle. This will encourage your customers to buy because no one wants to have a tough time trying to hold a product container. So,  your product container has to have a handle unless you don’t have any competitors.

  1. Choose Colours That Can Help The Package Stand Out

Deciding on a color to use for your product label is a very important decision you will have to make. Please if you don’t adhere to anything so far, stick to this one. Take note of the different colors, the feeling they bring and what they mean. Make sure the colors you choose will be able to stand out from the shelf and at the same time be easy on the eyes.

The fonts you will use in designing the label should have visible colors too. Your product package should be clearly recognizable from other competing products. Make sure whatever you write on it can be quickly read.

  1. Don’t Forget The Original Responsibility

In a bid to make your product package stand out, don’t forget why you are designing the product in the first place. Don’t get carried away with making your product package attractive and in turn lose shelf life of that product. If you are in the business of edible things, keep it airtight. It is good to be creative but remember the goal is to keep your product safe. No one will purchase the most beautiful package if it cannot maintain its content safe and usable.

  1. Don’t Ruin The Scope Of Extensibility

It is okay to start small, but always have a global vision. With this in mind, design a package that will still be useful when your product feels the need to extend its range. You may say you will have a new product package design made once you hit the global market but that will be an illogical thing to do because it means you will have to start from scratch to build customer trust for that new design. It’s easier to put in a new product in an old package but tough to make an entirely new package when you already have a solid customer base.


Poor packaging makes your product unattractive which in turn results to lower sales. Endeavor to design a package that is outstanding because your product container speaks for you even when you are not there.

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