Different outsourcing options for Small business. For about ten years now, statistics have shown that over 53 million Americans (around 34%) of the economy are now freelancing. That means they work from home and are not confined to a particular work area. They make use of the gig economy which has noticeably transformed the way things are being done in America. Most of these freelancers used this as an extra source of income aside from their regular jobs. There are some others who are into freelancing full time. This hardworking and steadily increasing population contributes about $715 billion each year to the economy through their freelance work.

Establishment comes in that to every task you face; there are a much more straightforward means to get it done. There are lots of tasks you can assign to this amazing community and get professionals to do them for you. Here are four outsourcing options you can outsource to our professionals.


With the tech industry steadily on the rise, there is no doubt that mobile apps are what drives day to day activities. If you have an idea for a unique app but don’t know the technology behind developing it, not to worry, we have professional app builders here in our company that can design your app.


The image you choose to represent your brand should not only be captivating but distinctive as well. Whether you’re looking for a company logo, business cards, or product packaging, our designers would come up with good design out for you and ensure your business excels above others.


A flyer or banner is okay to advertise your product, but have you thought of using a video? Our experts have the skills to create a short but meaningful video explain what your product is all about and how beneficial it is. You may think your product isn’t cool enough but with an exciting explainer video. Explainer video can solve problems explaing about the product to potential customer.


No ways to overemphasize the power of digital marketing. The ability to reach out to potential customers globally is the advantage of digital marketing gives. So if you are selling software that requires a subscription or an app, don’t limit it to your home territory. Digital marketing pros that specialize in territory-specific marketing are part of our community and will help with SEO optimization on marketing and advertising on foreign websites.