For a while now we have been talking about various ways to grow and gain more business with the aid of the internet. Because of the recent advancements in technology such as the development of apps and SEO web pages, it has become a lot easier to earn more money from your business even when you still have a full-time job. When you devote enough time and planning into your online store, there is a high tendency to turn it to your full-time job. Several promotional offers and deals are necessary to make sure you have a steady flow of income. Be on the lookout for services and products you don’t offer and try adding them to your lists of service.


Without a doubt, the best deal that comes with running an online business is the absence of paying for a physical store and payment of utility bills. Since you are not paying for a shop, consider passing on some of that money to your customers.

Ever heard of Cyber Monday? That is one of the ways to offer mouthwatering promotions to your customers. Cyber Monday is an online promotion sales event usually fixed the Monday after Thanksgiving. Last year, Cyber Monday hit a record $3 billion sales mark.

Cyber Monday is already famous around the world, same as black Friday. So you don’t necessarily have to wait until it cyber Monday before you have your online promotion. You are advised to create a day out for yourself and be consistent with it. You may decide to have a weekend sale, month end sale or on a particular day, every year. As long as you are consistent with it, your customers will always look forward to that day and will likely refer friends too.

Now that you have decided on the day to have your event, you can start promoting this event through your social media platforms. To make it more centered on your customers, a discount code on all sales items will come in handy. Take advantage of your Facebook page especially, the amount of new customers you can get from there is enormous. Consider promoting target ads on various popular platforms on Facebook.

Just because it is an online promotion doesn’t mean you need to reduce the price of your products drastically, you can decide to make it a development of things you usually don’t have. Sort of individual item sales, let’s say you are running a shoe company, you can display classy and rare designer foot wares which you wouldn’t post on the regular.

The last thing on your list is to look out for brand influencers to gain more business, and bloggers that will be of help to you by sharing your online promotion offers on their blogs, or social media accounts to drive more potential customers to you. Try sealing of this deal with the promise you will do same for them; you don’t have to spend a lot of money on this.


Recently we’ve been all about getting your business name and brand online through online methods, and now we’re introducing offline modes. Well, it turns out that there is a need to bring in a little of the offline promotion strategy into play. Although your target is online, consider taking your promotional offers to real-life gatherings where you stand the opportunity of meeting real-life people, and they get to see your products firsthand and not in pictures.

Attending events hosted by your business industry will surely be an added event to your promotion strategy. What does this mean? During these events, you are likely to link up with other experts in your field and potential customers. Consider engaging them in a conversation, tell them about your promotion, and your business will surely benefit.

In as much as most people live their lives online, they still have time to watch the news, read magazines and even listen to a radio. Implore the use of these methods too and reach out to people about your product and services.


Starting a business is not a walk in the park. There are a lot of hurdles that come with it, but as long as you are determined and focused, you will become successful. Whenever you feel like giving up, remember that other people are striving to do what you do. Don’t look at the setbacks online business brings, keep forging ahead.

Things You Can Do Today to Help Your Small Business Gain more Business

Want more business? Of course, you do. After all, you’re in business to gain attention, right? To help, consider these tips.


Impressions made with pictures lasts longer than that made with words alone. First impression matters a lot, when creating unique graphics which you can share via your social media account. Using other graphics designed by famous brands does not depict the creativity and uniqueness your business stands for. It could be a joke or meme, whatever the case may be, it can boost your online marketing efforts and gain more business.


It is one thing to gain customer attention, but the next main thing is to convince them to click. The invention of Facebook advertising will go a long way in boosting up your market strategy. Most successful small business has gained customers from Facebook advertising. If you are confused on how to start, don’t worry, we are here to do that for you.


Try introducing new services to elevate your online selling efforts. Check around for the things you are currently doing and see if you can add to it. It doesn’t matter the platform you are now using, do more to gain more business and sell more. When you add something extra to your efforts, it will help increase sales and gain more attention.


Most times small business owners fail to look at the benefits that comes with maintain a steady flow of your old clients. They spend so much time looking for new methods and ways to attract new customers without making efforts to reach out to the old ones. These are people who have spent their money on your service and will likely do so again if you contact them more often. Try organizing a VIP event especially for them or reaching out via an email campaign.


Well it doesn’t have to be real cash, you can come up with some well-designed graphics flyer that has an expiration date, with the amount stated on it say $25 or $50. Tell them they will be eligible to get this offer when they make a purchase from you. The attitude with which you present this “cash” gift matters a lot, make sure you give them with enthusiasm, it can go a long way.


There is no better way of conducting a customer survey than having a face to face conversation with your customers. Perhaps you don’t have the opportunity or time to do that, try engaging them via email or social media. Get to know them better, know their thoughts, you can gain insight on what they have in mind and why they may or may not have decided to make a purchase from you and more.


SEO – aka search engine optimization – is a must for business owners of any size nowadays. Where you rank among your competition and in a Google search positions you for opportunity or missed opportunities. It really is as simple as that. With this in mind, ask yourself this question, to gain more business what have I done recently to boost up my SEO? In the end, you may decide on tweaking your digital strategies. Many people know more about SEO here than you do and will be more than willing to help.


Consider creating an animated figure for yourself. Research has shown that business with animated figures attracts lots of customers had captured attention. Add a jingle video to it, and you will be the talk of customers.

Finally, ponder on how the efforts of these tips can genuinely help your brand and business to stand out among others. Doing nothing, after all, will ensure you to attract the exact opposite of what you need… which again, is attention. So what are you waiting for? There’s no time to waste